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Commercial Mold Removal & Remediation

reliable commercial mold removal & remediation

If you are working with a commercial building it is essential that you eliminate mold. In order to protect the health of people using your building, this is a vital hazard to keep on top of. There has been evidence that buildings constructed between the 1970’s and 1990’s have more severe moisture problems than buildings of other eras. As this is a common period for buildings with commercial use this an be important to note. It is thought that this is to do with how tightly sealed the structures are and due to lack of adequate ventilation a perfect environment for mold to flourish is created. As a commercial property owner it is your legal obligation to ensure that your building is safe and prioritising the health of people using it, therefore it is essential that you take care of this issue.

Materials that can cause problems:

Certain building materials can be particularly problematic when avoiding mold. Materials such as drywall may not allow moisture to escape easily. Please give us a call for information on a mold inspector coming to take a look at the materials your building is constructed of. They will be able to evaluate which precautions to take to help you avoid a mold problem.

Things to look out for:

There are other problems that you can look out for and if dealt with early enough, prevent serious problems with mold. These are almost always connected to the removal of moisture from the building. Looking out for roof leaks and guttering that direct water underneath the building are faults that can be easily dealt with and will save you a lot of work in the long run. Also checking that sufficient ventilation and air flow procedures are in place. If any of these problems have been occurring for a long amount of time it is a good idea to contact us for a mold inspection. This will ensure that now that the moisture problem has been solved there is no residing issue left over.

Temporary structures

Temporary structures (commonly seen in schools) are frequently struggling with issues of mold. Because of the poor air circulation and building materials they are highly likely to quickly become a location for mold. The buildings can become damp very quickly but there are some steps you can take to prevent this. Ensuring that there is a well-functioning HVAC system in place and encouraging ventilation as often as possible is an excellent way to help prevent issues from developing. If you have temporary structures already in a state of damp and mold please get in touch as there are some more specific processes that can be applied to help keep safe the people and structure under your protection.

The process

The process for industrial buildings is similar to that of residential buildings. Beginning with a mold inspection and/or mold test our experts will then recommend a unique, custom designed process through which your mould problem will be completely dealt with. This is called a mold remediation plan.

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