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treatment for black mold

What causes mold?

Mold is caused by excess moisture. There can be many causes for this, including leaking pipes, insufficient draining, leaks or damage to window frames and roofs. Prolonged condensation is usually at the heart of all mold problems.

Where are the most common places for mold to be found?

Common sites for mold to develop is in window frames and other sites where moisture collects or leaks, such as roofs or pipes. There are also particular building and household materials that provide a good environment to grow. These include paper, cardboard, ceiling tiles, wood products, wall paper, carpet, drywall, upholstery and insulation.

How does mold affect people?

Mold can have a very serious effect on your health if you suffer prolonged exposure. It can produce irritants, allergens, and sometimes toxic substances. These can all cause serious repercussions such as respiratory problems, a weakened immune system and skin rashes. In order to prevent any such health issues from developing it is important to deal with mold problems as quickly as possible.

What can I do to prevent mold?

The best way to prevent mold is by reducing excess moisture in your home. Some ways that you can do this include:

  • Ensure that the air circulation is the best that it can be within your property. Air your house regularly by opening windows and doors.
  • Use properly regulated air conditioning units and dehumidifiers. Both of these will draw moisture out of the air drying up your environment as much as possible.
  • Clean up after any leaks as quickly as possible.
  • If you re building a new home or doing renovations, there are now mold resistant building materials that are excellent in prevent anything from taking hold. These include moisture-resistant drywall and mold inhibitor paints.
  • Monitor your indoor humidity levels. You can purchase a humidity measurer at low cost from your local hardware store. This is an excellent way to keep an eye on moisture levels in your property. The ideal range you want the measurement to be reading is between 30 and 60 percent.
  • Keep your gutters in a good state. Make sure that they are kept clean and fixed when required. It is also good to check in they are directing the water away from your house and not running underneath your house.

What is the process for mold removal?

As soon as you think that you may have a mold issue please get in touch. As your leading local experts, Milwaukee Mold Removal Services are here to assist you throughout the entire process of treating your property and returning it to a safe and hospitable environment for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

The initial stage will be to have a mold inspection or mold test. An inspection will thoroughly check your property for signs of mold and a test will inform us through swabs and laboratory tests the exact types of mold that we are dealing with. From here our specialist will create a personalised mold removal and remediation plan to solve all of the issues.

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